Stop Digital Supply Chain Cyber Disruptions and Data Breaches.

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Introducing IMMUNE – the cloud-first, scale-as-you-grow platform that allows your organization to promptly address the weak links in its digital ecosystem.

Free yourself from worrying incessantly over potential supply chain disruptions to your business. Manage your cyber risks proactively with our highly intuitive, AI-powered platform.

  • Gain real-time visibility of all potential supply chain risks & monitor them in real time

  • Generate risk scenarios & learn their business and compliance implications

  • Share specific intelligence and cybersecurity resources with your ecosystem


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We Build Sustainable Digital Supply Chains

Hi, my name is Magda Chelly and I'm the Managing Director of Responsible Cyber, the company that built IMMUNE.

I'm here to talk to you about the importance of cybersecurity in the supply chain.

Most companies today rely on third-party vendors to provide them with critical products and services. But with this dependence comes risk. Third-party vendors are often the weak link in the supply chain, leaving companies vulnerable to data breaches, cyber attacks, and other disruptions.

Security assessments of third-party vendors can help reduce these risks, but they are often repetitive and manual, taking up valuable time and resources.

IMMUNE is the first intelligent SaaS platform for digital supply chain risk management. We provide real-time visibility of your digital supply chain, so you can prepare and manage communications with your supplier in case of disruptions. We also help optimize your digital supply chains for efficiency and responsiveness.

With IMMUNE, you can reduce the technological risks associated with third-party, fourth-party vendors or even partners and clients and protect your business against costly disruptions.


Try IMMUNE today to see how we can help you build a more secure and resilient digital supply chain.

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Simplify the Complexity of Your Digital Supply Chain & Take Back Control

There are a few key issues that companies face when it comes to their digital supply chains. One of the most common issues is the lack of visibility into the supply chain. This can make it difficult to identify, mitigate potential risks and properly secure and protect the business from hackers and other cyber threats.


Another issue is that companies often do not have a formal process for managing and responding to disruptions, e.g. data breach or cyber attack involving their suppliers. Many companies struggle with effectively communicating with their suppliers when there is a problem.


And finally, they need to find ways to optimize their digital supply chains in order to improve efficiency and responsiveness.

There are a number of problems companies are facing in digital supply chain risk. One major problem is the increasing complexity of the supply chain. With more and more businesses relying on digital technologies, the supply chain has become more and more complex. This complexity makes it difficult for companies to track and manage all the different risks associated with their supply chains.

And, as our reliance on digital technologies grows, so does our vulnerability to cyber attacks, and data breaches. These attacks can have a devastating effect on businesses, often leading to disruptions in operations, loss of data, and financial losses.


A September 2021 report from Sonatype found a 650 percent year-over-year increase in supply-chain attacks from 2020.

Don't let complex supply chains or cyber attacks disrupt your business. Protect yourself with IMMUNE's comprehensive technology risk management platform.


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“Highly engaging, very knowledgeable and what I liked most was the practical solutions she offered. Magda is a no nonsense, straight talking professional that doesn’t use scare tactics like some others I’ve come across! Her focus on educating clients and building confidence makes her invaluable."