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Navigate your business relationships with ease using IMMUNE X-TPRMTM (Extended Third-Party Risk Management), an intelligent platform for managing risks associated with external companies you work, collaborate, and partner with.

IMMUNE X-TPRMTM harnesses the power of intelligent data to streamline risk assessments, while offering real-time monitoring to mitigate risk, and empowering you to act promptly when needed.

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Revolutionize Your Third-Party Risk Management with IMMUNE X-TPRMTM

Unmasking the Shielded: How IMMUNE X-TPRM Penetrates Beyond Cloud Providers
In the age of digital defense, many companies shield their digital presence behind cloud providers like Cloudflare, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. But, how can you truly ascertain the security posture of a hidden entity? IMMUNE X-TPRM leverages advanced techniques to analyze and determine the actual attack surface of your third-party behind such protective layers.
Uncovering Hidden Threats: IMMUNE X-TPRM's Deep Dive into 3rd Party Vulnerabilities
Security is as strong as its weakest link. Many companies remain exposed due to vulnerabilities in their third-party tools, like the infamous Log4j. IMMUNE X-TPRM isn't just another vulnerability scanner; it's an ecosystem detective.
We delve into third-party vulnerabilities, ensuring you and your partners remain safeguarded.
Maximizing ROI and Efficiency: IMMUNE X-TPRM's Third-party Management Framework Guide
Buying a tool is one thing, extracting its maximum potential is another. For IMMUNE X-TPRM, the key lies in a robust third-party management framework. With our guidelines, you can set up effective clauses and practices when integrating with third parties. Streamline processes, set clear expectations, and let our tool magnify your security oversight.

Remove Barriers in Collaborations and Partnerhips with IMMUNE X-TPRMTM

Streamline Third-Party Onboarding

Process Compliance
IMMUNE X-TPRMTM simplifies onboarding and due diligence process for third-party risk management by generating custom tasks and workflows that help organisations identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with their third-parties.
Automated Risk Analyser
IMMUNE X-TPRMTM's automated risk analyser, complemented by real-time risk data and questionnaires, empowers organisations to rapidly and precisely pinpoint potential third-party risks, offering actionable insights for superior decision-making.

Stay Ahead of Third-Party Risks with Advanced Risk Monitoring

Risk Alerts with Actionable Insights
IMMUNE X-TPRMTM provides organisations with comprehensive third-party risk monitoring and alerts, delivering actionable insights that enable organisations to take immediate action and mitigate potential risks before they cause significant harm.
Aggregated Risk Reports
IMMUNE X-TPRMTM's third-party risk aggregated reports provide organisations with a clear, concise view of their third-party risk profile, enabling them to make informed decisions and take appropriate action to mitigate potential risks.

Ensure Secure Third-Party Offboarding

Retirement Readiness
IMMUNE X-TPRMTM helps ensure retirement readiness for third-party vendors and suppliers with an exit plan that provides a clear path for transitioning away from their services while mitigating potential risks to the organisation.
Automated Checks
IMMUNE X-TPRMTM enables organisations to ensure that all assets are accounted for and removed from their network when a third-party vendor or supplier is retired, reducing the risk of potential security breaches.

Build a Resilient Business Ecosystem

4th Parties Overview
IMMUNE X-TPRMTM helps organisations identify and manage fourth-party risks, ensuring that all interdependencies within their ecosystem are taken into account and potential risks are mitigated.
Ecosystem Overview
IMMUNE X-TPRMTM provides organisations with a comprehensive Nth-parties risk overview, enabling them to identify and assess risks associated with all third-party vendors and suppliers in their ecosystem and take proactive measures to mitigate those risks.

The Differentiators Revealed

Accurate Attack Surface
In a world where third-party companies shield themselves behind robust providers like Cloudflare, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, IMMUNE X-TPRM possesses the acumen to reveal the actual attack surface.
Automated Third and Fourth Parties
The intricacies of partnerships are expanding. With IMMUNE X-TPRM, get a clear and automated distinction between third and fourth parties, ensuring nuanced risk management tailored to each layer.
Technology Assessment
Not all projects and technologies bear the same risks. Our platform evaluates and monitors distinct projects and technologies, providing a custom-tailored risk profile for each, ensuring your strategies are always aligned with real-world challenges.
Vulnerability Management
In the era where vulnerabilities like Log4j can wreak havoc, IMMUNE X-TPRM actively manages third-party vulnerabilities. It's not just about identification; it's about active mitigation and communication with affected parties.
Contract Clause Management
Security and privacy are not just technical challenges; they're contractual ones. IMMUNE X-TPRM aids in formulating contract clauses that emphasize security and privacy, ensuring legal frameworks bolster technical defenses.
Transparent and Adaptable Pricing
Recognizing that one size doesn't fit all, our pricing model offers flexibility tailored to your unique risk management needs, ensuring value at every price point.

Leverage real-timedata monitoring and third-party risk management with IMMUNE X-TPRMTM

Perfect every step
Each step of the risk management process is executed with precision and accuracy, enabling you to achieve optimal risk management outcomes and reduce the likelihood of potential risks associated with third-parties.
Real-time insights
Real-time insights enable you to stay ahead of potential risks by providing up-to-date information and actionable insights to make informed decisions and take proactive measures.
Unlimited reviews
With unlimited reviews of third-party risks, you have the flexibility to revisit and revise risk assessments as needed to ensure that potential risks associated with third-party vendors and suppliers are identified, assessed, and mitigated over time.
Engagement specific
Engagement-specific risk assessments enable you to tailor your risk assessments to the specific nature of the engagement with third-parties and the technologies they are using, e.g. Cloud, IoT, AI, amongst others.
Smart recommendations
Risk scenarios and smart recommendations provide you with valuable insights into potential risks associated with third-parties, enabling you to take proactive measures to mitigate those risks and make more informed decisions.
Holistic risk overview
Identifying and assessing potential risks associated with third-parties across a wide range of areas, including financial, regulatory, and reputational risks, enable you to manage risks comprehensively and effectively.
User insights
User rights management on the platform, provides you with complete control over user access and permissions, enabling you to manage third-party risks securely and effectively while adhering to relevant laws and regulations.
Incident prompts
Incident prompts enable you to respond quickly to potential incidents associated with third-parties, reducing the likelihood of harm and mitigating the risk of potential security breaches in a timely and effective manner.

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Understand third-party risks in real time.
Get key insights on your ecosystem
Get Valuable Insights and Mitigate Risks Across Your Ecosystem with IMMUNE X-TPRMTM - The Ultimate Risk Management Solution.
Customise your assessments to align with your needs
Focus on your business growth
IMMUNE X-TPRMTM enables organisations to streamline their third-party risk management processes, freeing up valuable resources and enabling them to focus on their core business activities and growth objectives while maintaining a secure and resilient ecosystem.

We work with customers across all industries.

process streamlining
accuracy of risk assessments generated to real-world outcomes
“Magda and her team, with their advanced knowledge in the cybersecurity space and in-depth knowledge in cyber insurance, has brought together many key areas of the cybersecurity domain, which will empower companies in building cyber resiliency and buying cyber insurance.”

- IT Director, Research Organization
amount of money saved on third-party risk management
reduction in overall risk associated with third-party vendors and suppliers
“IMMUNE X-TPRM has completely transformed the way we manage third-party risks. Its customisable workflows and automated checks have enabled us to streamline our risk management processes and gain a comprehensive view of our third-party risk profile.”

- Myriem ZEKRI, Tunisian University
2 days
average time taken to identify and mitigate risks
number of compliance issues identified and resolved
“IMMUNE X-TPRM is an outstanding risk management solution that has helped us achieve a higher level of security and compliance. The platform's automated risk analyser and custom risk assessments have given us the ability to identify and mitigate risks associated with our third-parties with greater accuracy and efficiency.”

-Andrew TAYLOR, Senior Vice President Financial Lines, MSIG Asia

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