Responsible Cyber's IMMUNE Platform Recognized at Singapore's Cybersecurity Innovation Day 2022

Dr Magda Chelly
Managing Director at Responsible Cyber

On August 31, 2022, Singapore's Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Communications and Information, Dr. Janil Puthucheary, delivered a speech at the third annual Cybersecurity Innovation Day. In his address, Puthucheary emphasized the importance of innovation in cybersecurity and praised local companies working on cutting-edge solutions, including Responsible Cyber and its AI-powered IMMUNE platform.

Responsible Cyber, a cybersecurity start-up, has been making waves in the industry with its innovative IMMUNE platform. The AI-driven cyber risk management solution has been acknowledged for its ability to help businesses gain comprehensive visibility and control over their cyber exposures. The platform has garnered significant attention and was awarded the "SME (Vendor)" award at the Cybersecurity Awards 2021.

During the Cybersecurity Innovation Day, Dr. Puthucheary acknowledged the success of Responsible Cyber and the IMMUNE platform as a testament to Singapore's thriving cybersecurity ecosystem. He emphasized the importance of fostering innovation in the sector to ensure a safe digital environment and build trust in Singapore's digital economy.

Responsible Cyber's IMMUNE platform is a prime example of the innovative solutions emerging from the vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem in Singapore. The platform has been lauded for its AI-driven capabilities, which not only offer security, risk mitigation, and compliance but also deliver real-time intelligence and insights to businesses. As a result, organizations can optimize their risk management spending and prioritize initiatives more effectively.

The Cybersecurity Innovation Day event also highlighted the role of the government in supporting local companies and creating a conducive environment for the growth of the cybersecurity sector. The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) has been instrumental in driving the development of the cybersecurity ecosystem, with initiatives like the Cybersecurity Industry Call for Innovation and the Innovation Cybersecurity Ecosystem at Block 71, run by NUS Enterprise and Singtel Innov8.

Responsible Cyber is a shining example of the potential for Singapore-based cybersecurity start-ups to make a significant global impact. As cybersecurity becomes increasingly crucial in the digital era, companies like Responsible Cyber, with their innovative solutions like the IMMUNE platform, will continue to play a vital role in ensuring a secure and resilient digital future for Singapore and beyond.


Dr Magda Chelly
Managing Director
Co-Founder of Responsible Cyber | Author | TEDx Speaker | Featured on Forbes 🇵🇱 | World Economic Forum Expert Network Cybersecurity | PhD, S-CISO, CISSP, Cert SCI Dr. Magda Lilia Chelly is an accomplished cybersecurity expert, entrepreneur, and thought leader, known for her extensive knowledge and passion for protecting businesses from cyber threats. Holding a Ph.D. in Telecommunication Engineering and an Executive MBA, she has built a stellar reputation as a trusted advisor in the field of information security. Dr. Chelly has served in various leadership roles, including as a CISO and a Managing Director for a global cybersecurity consultancy. Her expertise spans multiple domains, such as risk management, cybersecurity strategy, and governance. With numerous industry certifications and recognition as a CISSP, Dr. Chelly is a sought-after speaker and contributor to international conferences, webinars, and publications. As an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the technology sector, Dr. Chelly actively supports initiatives to encourage more women to pursue careers in cybersecurity. Her dedication to empowering and mentoring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals has made her a respected figure within the industry. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Dr. Chelly is an avid writer, sharing her insights and experiences through articles, blogs, and social media platforms. Her engaging and educational content has helped raise awareness about the critical importance of cybersecurity in an increasingly interconnected world.

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