Automated Risk Assessment

Automated processes use data-driven algorithms to collect and analyse large volumes of data related to third-parties from multiple sources so that you have access to a more in-depth understanding of the risks associated with each third-party on demand.

Why Automate Risk Assessments?

Scale Your Operations Efficiently
Traditional manual assessments tend to be time-consuming and costly, making it difficult to manage risk effectively at scale. With automation, you can manage more vendor relationships with the same resources, and ultimately scale your operations more easily without compromising on risk management.
Generate Reports Whenever
To generate a report, you need simply select the third-party whose risk profile you want to assess, specify the type of report you require, and a report will be generated in a matter of minutes no matter the time of day. This timeliness comes in especially handy if a regulator requests information about a specific vendor you work with.
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Enjoy Time and Cost Savings
Automated risk assessments can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to conduct manual assessments. This frees up staff to focus on other important tasks.
Gain a faster, more accurate, and comprehensive view of third-party risks
Assess third-party risks at scale
Unlock consistent and objective risk assessments
Identify & Prioritise Third-Party Risks More Effectively & Efficiently
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Automate Your Third-Party Risk Management Strategy

IMMUNE X-TPRM is the super straightforward tool to confidently and effectively manage Nth-parties and all interdependencies within your ecosystem.