Continuous Monitoring & Analytics

Continuous risk monitoring is an essential component of any effective third-party risk management strategy. It allows businesses to detect and respond to risks as soon as they arise, reducing the potential impact of any negative events.

Visualise Risk Data in a Way that Works for You

Vendor Performance Tracking
Real-Time Risk Alerts
Customisable Vendor Watchlist
Drill-down Capabilities
Trend Analysis
Concept map features
Concept map features
Best creative thinking practice
Concept map features
Creative formatting options
Best creative thinking practice
Concept map features

Be Proactive

Leverage data-driven insights to drive your third-party risk management startegy. Choose IMMUNE X-TPRM.
Features included :
Detects risks as they arise
Tracks vendor performance over time
Updates third-party risk levels with real-time insights
Performs data analytics with the help of Machine Learning algorithms
Other Softwares
Features included :
Check for risks at certain intervals or when a major event occurs
Provides static snapshots of vendor risk
Updates third-party risk levels with point-in-time insights
Uses traditional statistical methods to analyse data and identify patterns
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Automate Your Risk Management Strategy

IMMUNE is the super straightforward tool to confidently and effectively manage Nth-parties and all interdependencies within your ecosystem.