Marius Ciobanu: Front-End Development at Responsible Cyber

by Wen Sin Lim
Marius Ciobanu is a junior front-end developer at Responsible Cyber. He helps build and improve the user interface and experience of the IMMUNE platform.
1. What motivated you to pursue a career in this field?

I am deeply motivated to broaden my knowledge in the field of cybersecurity as I believe IT will have a significant impact on the present and future. The opportunity to work on IMMUNE has been a catalyst for me to explore and learn more about this field.

2. In your opinion, how does your role contribute to the success of the IMMUNE product and RCPL as a whole?

The user interface is the part of the product that users see and interact with directly and daily, so it is crucial that it is functional and easy to use; Ensuring that is my main responsibility. In my day-to-day, I work closely with the development team to understand the requirements and design solutions that would enhance the product's usability and functionality.

Every new component we then introduce to the user interface is designed to improve the user experience. This customer-centric approach is arguably what is going to be key to IMMUNE’s success and for us to attract and retain customers.

3. Do you find your work at RCPL rewarding? Please elaborate.

The most rewarding aspect of working at Responsible Cyber is the fact that my role not only provides me with the opportunity to learn and improve my technical skills, but also the motivation to do so. I hope to achieve proficiency in my role and create meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impact on our users.

In addition, working in a fast-paced, multicultural environment has made me more aware of my strengths. To know that I have the ability to work collaboratively and deliver high-quality work within tight deadlines for instance, was a great boost to me.

4. What has been the biggest challenge(s) you’ve faced while working on the IMMUNE product, and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge I continue to face while working on the IMMUNE product is understanding the product and the vision behind it as well as acquiring the necessary technical knowledge to improve it.

Due to my inexperience, I’m still struggling with this every day, but it does get better. The more I get my hands dirty with the code, the better I can pinpoint where my knowledge gaps are, especially through continuous feedback from the team and our clients.

There is a quote that encapsulates this best: When your passion and purpose are greater than your fears and excuses, you will find a way.

5. Has RCPL supported your professional development? Please elaborate.

The company has provided me with ample opportunities for training and development. Not many organisations give junior developers a chance, but at Responsible Cyber I have been able to work alongside more experienced coders who have generously imparted their knowledge and expertise. Through their guidance and support, I have gained invaluable insights and skills that have jumpstarted my career development.

6. What do you think sets RCPL and/or the IMMUNE product apart from other companies and/or products in the industry?

What sets Responsible Cyber apart from other companies in the industry is the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds that we have on our team. I believe this is what makes it possible for us to bring a variety of viewpoints to the table, which ultimately leads to better outcomes and solutions for our customers.

7. Can you share a project or accomplishment that you are particularly proud of while working on the IMMUNE product at RCPL?

There is no one specific project that comes to mind because I see creating a product that meets the needs of its users as an ongoing endeavour. I put in the work every day and I’m glad to be able to continually contribute to the development of new features on IMMUNE.

8. What are some of the activities or hobbies that you enjoy outside of work, and how do they help you recharge and refresh?

Outside of work, I enjoy going to the gym and playing games such as chess, poker, football and video games as they keep me active while reinvigorating me for the work week ahead.

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