Devising a Cybersecurity Strategy

Featuring Dr Magda Chelly on Bloomberg HT

Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

These are the themes that resonate with us most these days. We want better, speedier, everything, everywhere, all at once.

And so when we advocate security, others look at us funny. “Security creates gates, slows things down,” they say.

Indeed, in a world of rapidly rising cyber threats, the idea of slowing down – devising a unique #cybersecurity strategy – seems counterintuitive.

Nonetheless, it is very much necessary, which is why Dr Chelly challenged the audience members at the 2022 Forum organised by Dell Technologies Turkey, to implement modern, end-to-end solutions with security, control and scaling considerations in mind.

The interview was conducted by ISIL HASDEMIR and filmed for a #TV show on Bloomberg HT - The official channel of Bloomberg in #Turkey Silikon Vadisi. It addressed the considerable challenges in addressing cyber risk cost-efficiently, and overall (lack of) diversity in the cybersecurity industry.